Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility ( CSR)

Plant for The Planet: Plywood manufacturing is judicious utilization of Wood

Every breath of ours is indebted to greatness of the mother earth. Realizing our commitment towards conservation of nature and maintaining ecological balance, we promise to plant 1 Tree for every 36 Pcs of Plywood  we manufacture. To achieve this milestone we have joined hand with GIVE INDIA(NGO) Mumbai and GROW INDIA Foundation, Mumbai. To carry our mission, Gramin Vikas Vigyan Samiti has already planted 25000 trees in Jodhpur, Rajasthan and it will be continuous process to plant trees, every year in proportionate of sale of plywood. The earmarked land falls in Thar desert, one of the most barren landscapes on earth. Planting trees in this area also checks migration which causes social problems. Besides this, we have also planted 2500trees at DWARKA, Gujarat with “GROW TREES Foundation, Mumbai- a small initiative to make holy place Dwarka “GREEN”. This year we have  planted 2500 trees at SUNDERBAN, West-Bengal with “GROW TREES Foundation, Mumbai- a small initiative to protect wild life sanctuary on earth.

We evoke every one :

To Plant a Tree, To Plant a Life &

Stand up for the Mother Earth !!!!

The company firmly believes that the Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) is not just an additional function to the business. Rather, it is ingrained in our core business operation. Under CSR activities, the company carries out ‘Tree Plantation’. Till now by joining hand with ‘Give India’ (NGO) Mumbai and “GROW INDIA “ Foundation , Mumbai , we have planted 30000 trees

Besides Tree Plantation, the company’s focus is for Social upliftment   specially Health & Education of its fellow citizen, so founded Purbanchal Charitable Trust.

1. Arya Samaj, Gandhidham :

The company bears the education expenses of four children up to Graduation.

2. Support unprivileged children for their education

The company has provided financial assistance to construct the school building of Shree Bhimasar Chakasor  Educational & Rural Development Trust, Bhimasar, Taluka, Anjar-Kutch and has taken responsibility of 15 unprivileged children to educate them continuously.

Further, it has given financial assistance to Matra Vandana Charitable Trust , a new Primary school for local villagers, Yashodadhan, P.O. Nanicharai, Bachau, Gujarat.

3. Support to Young Talented Student

Supported talented students of Nirma University, Ahmedabad for their R & D work for  developing  CATALYTICS  converter to control vehicle pollution.

Recently supported to Chandigarh College of Architecture in form of sponsorship to organize the three days event – Digital Work Shop  from 18-20 Jan/16.

Also the company has supported the students of Amity University, Noida inform of Sponsorship to organize “Amity Youth Fest” from 18-20 Feb/16.

4. Support Govt. of India drive of Cleanliness

To support the Govt. drive of cleanliness, the company has constructed toilet Blocks in VEDI village– Anjar- Kutch, Gujarat under Swachh Bharat  Abhiyan. In future also, the company is in plan to construct more toilets under Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.

5. Lok Kalyan Samiti, Delhi

Since 1992, contributing towards EYE– Operation of ten persons every month

6. Supported to build Cancer Treatment Clinic  to Ramkrishna Sewa Samiti, Gandhidham

The company has provided financial assistance to build Cancer Treatment hospital (100 bedsin Sterling Ram Krishna Specialty Hospital at Gandhidham- Kutch-Gujarat. It will be the first of its kind in Kutch district as there is no cancer treatment clinic in Kutch district. It is now under construction.

7. Navjyoti India Foundation, Delhi

This institute is being run by elite Dr. Kiran Bedi for upliftment of poor children and the group is regular donor to this.

8. House for Needy people

To support the Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi’s dream – Housing for all by 2022 for economic weaker section of the society, the company is decided to provide financial assistance to build  ‘ONE HOUSE’ in every month for weaker section of the people. Still Mar/16, the company has helped to build 6 houses to 6 families.

The company has provision to build such 100 houses in 100 month.

Also attached to Help age –India , Unicef- Delhi and Global Cancer Concern ; India in some way or other. Company is extending all possible help to local villagers in factory area  e.g. contributing towards set up of Goshala in Yashodagaon.